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Turn a cricket ball over

A normal strike usually occurs when the ball is fairly new. As it wears out, the aerodynamics of asymmetry change and it is more difficult to extract a normal beat. When the ball is very old – around 40 or more years – it starts to fly towards shine. This is also known as reversal – you keep the ball different depending on the wear. The result is always a blow to the side with the later separation, so that the blow goes away from the seam.



  1. Take a 20-30 year old ball whose one side is still shiny. Such a ball is usually better by the air on the shiny side, because of the natural agent that has been applied to the shiny side, the other side is slightly worn and not repaired. The weight difference is what the bowlers exploit.
  2. Hold the ball along the seam, with the shiny side towards the leg side and the rough side to the briefs.
  3. Bend your wrist along the cricket ball so that the shiny side is about 30 degrees down.
  4. Punched bowl with your hands. The angle between your head and the bowling hand at shoulder level should be about 50-60 degrees. Bowl your head as far away as possible with your hand.
  5. When you pull through, your bowling hand should go between your body and the pole (to the side of your body).


  • Often polish the ball and make the other side (the rough side) as rough as possible. To test whether the ball is ready for a reverse stroke, simply throw the ball straight to a fielder, and when the ball turns towards the shiny side, he is ready to dance around the bat.
  • You have to throw the ball up; A twisted reversal can be awful – as Waqar Younis has shown to his climax. A few bowlers can turn a ball away from the bat – hence the success of Simon Jones and Andrew Flintoff against the Australians.
  • Practice reversing an old, prepared ball in the net. Nothing happens with magic in the middle if you did not do it well. But maybe there was some magic involved when Wasim Akram held the red cherry in his hands!
    Hitting is quite difficult, try it
  • Keep the suture straight during the bowl, and just before you let go of the ball, turn it as hard as possible so that it turns a little -vinod kumar
    Since you need an older ball for a reverse shot, he usually will not start spinning until he is around 40. England’s bowlers were able to reverse a ball last year, even though they were just over 15-20. Brett Lee found his turn in Adelaide at the over 30 mark.


  • Wrist position and pull through are important.
  • Using a blade, metal or even fingernails to roughen the surface a little faster is always and under all circumstances illegal and not in the sense of the game. If you get caught by the referee at the ‘Ball Fake’, you will be disqualified.
    From Lungile Mokharinyane

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