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Throw a discus

Discus throwing goes back to the year 708 BC. At the time, designed a famous Greek sculptor named Myron’s famous statue, the “Discobolus” which was a discus thrower, [and the famous poet Homer referred in his Iliad often discus. Discus throwing was part of the Greek Pentathlon. The former discuses were made of bronze and steel and much heavier than today. Today, both men and women participate in the Olympic Games in this discipline.


Part. 1 Select the disc

  1. Choose a discus before throwing. Size and weight depend on age and gender. The following list is an aid for the correct choice and accident prevention.
    Women (at all levels): 1 kg of discus
    Boys (up to 14 years): 1 kg of discus
    Men (high school, ages 15-18): 1.6 kg of discus
    Men (college): 2 kg of discus
    Men (men up to 49 years): 2 kg discus
    Men (50 – 59 years) 1.5 kg discus
    Men (over 60 years): 1 kg of discus
  2. If you feel that the weight listed here is too heavy or too light for you, try adjusting the weight to your needs.

Part. 2 Right

  • Note: This guide is for right-handed people. Do everything mirrored if you’re left-handed.
  1. Practice the right posture. In addition to holding the disc correctly, this is one of the most important steps in throwing a discus well. Think of the distance between your feet as you throw the discus. Make sure that your feet are shoulder width apart and your arms are both extended lengthwise. Practice the chin-to-knee toe technique, making sure your left leg’s knees are in line with your toes and chin while you’re standing.
  2. Find a comfortable position for your feet in the discus ring. As a right-handed person, the position of your feet is such that your left foot points to the outside of the ring (that is, to the exit point of the disc) and the right foot is rotated clockwise 90 degrees from the left. So the left foot is at 12:00 and the right at 3:00.
    Do not place your feet so far apart that the rotation (when throwing) is blocked. Imagine it as an “L” with the right foot pointing up and the left pointing down.

Part. 3 Throw the discus

  • The steps for discus throw are designed for right-handed people.
  1. Enter the ring with the selected discus.
  2. Position your feet correctly. Take a good position while swinging your arms and preparing for the throw of the discus as this will also help you to gauge the length of your step out of the upper body. If your feet are too far apart, you could have an accident or the rotation (throwing) could be blocked.
  3. Put your left hand under the discus. This will give you the right support. Put your right hand on the disc. The throwing distance could be affected if you do not, or you accidentally throw it backwards.
    Bend your fingers lightly around the edge of the disc. Only bend the first finger joint. Your fingers should just cover the edge, instead of clasping or clasping the disc. This makes throwing easier, as you neither pack the disc nor hold it with your palm.
  4. Extend your right arm. Hold the discus position in your right hand, topside down, and support the discus from below with your other hand.
  5. Swing your arm horizontally backwards and forwards along with your body. This will give you momentum for the litter. The more momentum, the better.
    When swinging, let the disc swing back on its own, put your hand under it when swinging forward, so that it does not fly away.
    Swingarm at an angle of approx. 40 – 50 ° upwards. This means that you will move the disc up when it swings forward and down when it swings back. This gives the discus the correct height during the throw.
    At the same time you have to swing your lower body, so that the rotation is greater.
    Remember to keep your feet in the same position so that no momentum is lost.
    Swing back and forth until you’re ready to throw.
  6. When you feel that you have enough momentum, release the discus with a lot of force. Just throw inside the marker to avoid a foul and do not throw it backwards.
    Use your legs as a primary source of power. Load your left ball of your foot while the right leg swings wide and lands in the middle of the ring. Press down on your left leg and shift all of your weight to the right leg in the center of the circle as it turns until it points to the front of the ring and your right leg turns into your left leg (the stop leg) , Feel how your body turns from its feet and your torso and arms are the last to get out of the litter.
    Snip with your fingers and aim your arm upwards while releasing the disc to keep it flying. When you use the power of your arms and legs, the discus flies even further. The more you push, the farther he flies.
    Stretch out your chest before throwing so you can better relocate your weight. Never step over the ring line during the throw as this will result in a foul. If you enter and leave the ring, you must do it the way you want to avoid getting a foul. This also applies to the litter if one of your feet, legs or arms cross the ring.
  7. Look at your results. If you were not good enough, try to make it better next time. If you have done well, the disc should fly relatively horizontally and far. The average throw distance in the age group “High School” is 45 – 49 meters.
  8. Leave the ring after the throw through the back half.


  • Throw at an angle of 45 ° to maximize the throw distance. The men’s world record is 74.08 meters.
  • Drink and eat enough healthy to prepare for your litter. If you are dehydrated, thirsty, tired or not fit, this could affect your throwing distance.
  • Always aim at 45 degrees.
  • Practice the throw by rolling the disc like a bowling ball. When the disc leaves your hand, it should roll off your index rather than your little finger.
  • Buy your own discus so you can train at home. The more practice you have, the better you will become.
  • Practice so that the last contact point of the discus when leaving your hand is the upper bend of your index finger.
  • Do not turn too fast while throwing. This could lead to back throws, missed shots, and / or dizziness.
  • Remember to always pay attention to your chest. When your lower hand leads the throw, it causes a whiplash movement, which leads to more momentum.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. You can not throw when people are in front of you, because you could meet them. In addition, viewers should be outside the ring and behind the net. The net keeps the disc from flying into the crowd behind you. Even professionals skims the discus during competitions from the hand. Only one person, you, the participant, should be in the ring. Failure to comply could result in serious injury to others and / or property damage.
  • If you participate in discus throwing, you must know the following clothing requirements:
  • You have to wear shoes in the discus ring. This prevents injury to the feet, which could occur if, for example, the disc slides from your hand and falls to your feet.
  • Do not wear a cap in the ring. This prevents missed throws because the cap shield could be in the way. In addition, caps are banned in most sports for various reasons.
  • Wear matching clothes. When discus throwing, you should wear a reasonably comfortable T-shirt and shoes. That is, neither hauteng nor in Sumoringer size. Wear something in which you can do the spin easily.
    Other forbidden garments are sunglasses, because you do not see it all.

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