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Run a marathon

Heads are fun and require less gymnastic skills and flexibility than other stunts such as Purtzel tree backwards, flips backwards, or walking on your hands. Here’s a way to turn it upside down.



  1. Start with your hands and knees, then put your head on the floor. Place your head and knees about 50cm (1.5 feet) apart and have your hands shoulder width apart and midway between your head and knees.
  2. Place your right knee (or left, if left-footed / -handed) on your right arm, near your elbow.
  3. Depress your toes and stretch your left leg to shift your weight forward, then put it in the same position on your left arm as your right leg is on your right arm.
  4. Keep balance. Do not worry if you can not do it the first time, because this is the hardest part.
  5. Align your legs when you feel balanced, but do it slowly!
    Alternative method
    Find a space in which you feel comfortable and you are undisturbed (preferably near a wall).
    Find a heavy blanket and many comfortable pillows or couch pillows if you can. You can also use gym mats.
    Kneel down so that you are about a foot and a half away from the wall.
    Place the top of the head on the floor and form a triangle with your arms; Fingers supported at the back of the head (your arms should be in a triangle and pressed against the head on the ground)
    Lift one of your legs halfway up in the air.
    Repeat this step a few times with each leg.
    Move your knees so they squat with your head but are still on the ground with your arms still positioned, as in step 4.
    Swing up and lean against the wall when you come up.
    When you have to land, swing each leg down on your pillows one at a time. This will make the process very quiet.


  • You can try this on a wall until you get better.
  • To come down again, just lean back so your feet land on the floor again.
  • Use a pillow to cushion your fall.
  • Gym mats are perfect. Grass or carpet are also acceptable alternatives.
  • Try to fall to your feet instead of your back. When you realize that you are falling over, try to land in a bridge.
  • To perform a headstand, you need some strength in the abdomen and arms. Try to strengthen these muscles to improve your head endurance.
  • Put your T-shirt in your pants if you try.


  • Do not try this without supervision. Have a “watchdog” with you when you do a headstand. Get a buddy standing in front of you so you do not fall on your back.
  • Keep your neck straight. If he begins to hurt, then stop!
  • Make sure the place is clear of any obstacles.

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