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Modified Android App Guide 2018

What is Modified Android Apps :

Modified Application is known as mod apk, Mod apk are modified in a sense to Provide extra and better features and some time it unlocks all paid features which is not available in free android apps. we have a famous example of GBWhatsapp Hack apk which have hundred of new and amazing features as compare to Official Whatsapp android app.

Who Modified the Android Apps:

Mod apk are files which have been modified and cracked by a developer and programmers so that certain aspects which are not allowed in a unmoded file i.e the original file, can be done and used such as cheats and game hacks example :


GBWhatsapp mod apk will help u to have unlimited features for free whereas a original whatsapp run apk is the one which the original developer has made and you have to limited features and feel free to Download GBWhatsapp Latest Version 6.55 and try this best modded version of Original whatsapp.


How can we find mod apk’s :

it is very simple , just goto google and type game mod apk that most probably means that in the game you’ll have bunch of money (usually coins, gems) and may be al l levels are unlocked.In different cases with other apps, the mod might be affecting purchasing. For example if you have moded wallpaper app, that might simply have unlocked premium wallpapers.


How do I make mod APK for Android ?

There are many tools and online platform where you can modified any Android app. Some famous tools are Use Lucy patcher , xmodgames for mod apk. Another method by Using your brain you need to De-compile the apk and start changing the game files to create your own mod apk.

Safety and Secure Mod Apk :

Non-Modified apk are the original files without any not allowed hack or any modification and they can be found directly from the play store or other sources which are definitely secure and safety proof mod apk and Also it is not uncommon for modded files to possess malicious code, and that suggest against running something that touts itself as a “Premium Hack”, as several times these are the categories of files used to lure users into running unsigned, unchecked code on their devices.


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