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Get rid of a beer belly

Many people – both women and men – have a beer belly. Often you get a beer belly exactly at the age in which the metabolism slowly but surely slows down. By excessive calorie intake (often caused by a few beers too much …) accumulates in the abdominal area – and already creates an ugly beer belly. But beer is not the only culprit that leads to a beer belly. Do you have the feeling that your love for this hoppy, malty and yeasty drink is the cause of your oversized waist? Then you do not necessarily have to give up your love, because there are other ways that you can save calories – and by adjusting your habits. Learn about the calories contained in beers and about How to change your eating and drinking habits and bring some exercise into everyday life. Only then will you lose your kilos in a healthy way.

Method. 1 Adjust the drinking habits

  1. 1
    Avoid drinking too much alcohol. You do not want that you gain weight due to your beer consumption? Then avoid drinking too much! Excessive beer consumption not only has short-term and long-term effects, but also provides many empty calories (between 140-200 calories per 3.5dl). Drinking several beers on a regular basis every evening has the same effect as eating up to 1 to 2 Big Macs (besides everything you’ve eaten during the day). No wonder you are so busy.
    If you drink too much, you’ll overburden your liver – and it can no longer properly filter the alcohol that is poisonous to your body. The liver does not function properly and can no longer turn fat into energy. And that causes the excess fat to just accumulate on your hips. This process, combined with an age-related, low metabolic rate, leads straight to a beer belly.
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    Think about how much is too much for you. Every person can tolerate different amounts. If you want to lose weight, it is important that you know your basal metabolism and start counting calories. Do not forget about the calories that you drink with alcoholic drinks – because only then do you know how many beers you can treat each.
    Most people should eat between 1700 to 2000 calories per day. If you want to lose weight, you can usually lower your calorie intake to 1500 a day, as long as you eat a healthy and balanced diet. If you put a little more exercise into everyday life, you can treat up to 1700 calories. 1.2 beers, which do not exceed your calorie maximum, should be in it.
    Get advice from a dietician or your family doctor to find out how many calories you need to lose in order to achieve your desired weight. It is not recommended for everyone to eat less calories.
  3. 3
    Remember how many calories each alcoholic beverage contains. If you want to fight your beer belly, then it’s important that you know that beers are right calorie bombs. Unfortunately, alcoholic drinks are not only delicious, they also contain extremely many empty calories. So, be aware of how many calories these beers and bourbons that you love to drink have and use that knowledge to get in shape.
    Beers contain (depending on brand and variety) between 100-300 calories per 3.5dl. Dark beers such as Stouts and Porter, as well as high-alcohol beers, contain more calories than lighter, less strong beers. Light beers contain only 50-60 calories, but they also contain less alcohol (and many people just drink more of them, which leads to too many calories). Wine contains about the same amount of calories as beer, about 160-200 per glass.
    Spirits contain about 100 calories per 0.5dl. Spirits such as barrique-aged Scotch whiskeys contain even more calories (around 200 calories per 0.5dl), as they contain more fats and esters due to the complicated ripening process. The whole thing has nothing to do with the color of the alcohol, but only with the distillation. Cold-filtered spirits contain less calories – and less taste. Mixed drinks contain different amounts of calories, depending on the drink. But if you drink a drink with spirits and soda or energy drinks, you can assume that he has chosen one of the bar’s highest-calorie drinks.
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    Choose low calorie beers and drink very little. If you love beer over everything, then you do not have to keep your hands off completely to counteract your beer belly. Lose weight, integrate sports into everyday life and adjust the drinking and eating habits – that’s what you have to do to get rid of your beer belly. It does not help if you just give up your beloved beer. Light beers usually contain only 80-100 calories per 3.5dl and can be well integrated into a diet.
    Count the number of calories, not the number of bottles. If you drink beer on a regular basis, you may feel that you want to and can drink more of low-alcohol beers. But that does not make much sense if you want to save calories. So do not drink anymore, just because it’s a light beer.
    You can continue to drink your high-calorie beers, but do so on special occasions and treat yourself to just one bottle. If you want to get rid of your beer belly, that does not mean that you only have to drink nasty broths from now on. You may be happier if you enjoy a stout or a whiskey from time to time – it’s just important that you do not overdo it and that you know how many calories it adds to your total calorie count.
  5. 5
    Provide your body with water while you drink beer. If you want to drink less calories and get a healthier digestive system and a healthy circulation, then it’s important to moisturise your body. You can do that by drinking at least 1 glass of water per beer. This will also make you feel full, reducing the chances that you will enjoy another beer. When you drink a lot of water, you not only drink less beer, but also lessen the impact of the alcohol.
  6. 6
    Take fewer calories during the day. If you want to lose a few pounds, then you have to adjust your eating habits, count calories and do sports – just so you can burn the fat that gives you sleepless nights. The easiest way is to omit the extra beers (and thus many empty calories).
    Men should eat no less than 1500 calories a day and women should take a minimum of 1200 calories. Never eat too little and make sure that the calorie intake through alcohol is as low as possible.
    Set a “maximum” of calories a week that you drink through alcohol. Once you reach your maximum in a week, you should completely abstain from alcohol. For example, if you’re aiming to consume only 1500-1700 calories, make sure you’re not taking more than 100-200 calories in the form of alcohol. For example, set a maximum of 1000 calories with alcohol per week, or max. 5 light beers to lose weight slowly and continuously.

Method. 2 Adjust the eating habits

  1. 1
    Eat something healthy before you drink. If you go away with your friends and drink alcohol, make sure you eat a healthy balanced meal beforehand. Lean meat, whole grains and vegetables contain important nutrients, and thanks to a good diet, your body can break down the beer later. If you are already well fed, you will also consume less beer and your hands will be left with snacks from the unhealthy bar.
    Never drink on an empty stomach. The poisonous effect of the alcohol intensifies, if nothing else is in your confidence tract. In addition, your cat will be a lot worse. Always eat something before drinking a beer.
    If you eat a healthy meal before you go for a beer, there’s less of a risk of starvation. The late-night eating can make your beer belly even worse. If you want to get rid of your bacon around the belly, then you should give up this fourth meal of the day.
  2. 2
    Always take a breakfast to you. Many people who are on a diet make a mistake: they do not have breakfast because they think they can save calories. But the truth is, if you eat breakfast within an hour of getting up, you’re helping your metabolism get going. In addition, you ensure that your blood sugar level remains constant and you have more energy for the whole day.
    Try to eat regularly at the same time of day. In the morning you should have a breakfast with lots of fiber, whole grains, fresh fruits and healthy protein (egg, peanut butter). Try as much as possible to avoid processed sugar and cereals, as well as refined carbohydrates.
  3. 3
    Change your eating habits. Consume less calorie-dense, greasy foods (the kind of stuff you get in bars that you often fancy after a few beers). Pizza, fried chicken wings and hamburgers are real calorie bombs. Instead, eat a meal with lean meat, fish and as much vegetables as possible. Avoid red meat and fried, cheese-based dishes as much as possible.
    If you drink alcohol, then you often feel like some snacks. Instead of stuffing yourself with bar food, you’d better take some unsalted nuts or fruit with you. At home, you can also rely on the carrot sticks, so you do not even want to get salty chips or greasy cheese sticks.
  4. 4
    Replace animal proteins with plant proteins. Vegetables, beans, lentils and nuts keep you fed and good protein sources. Vegetable proteins help you stay healthy and energetic, and with protein-rich foods, you’ll lose weight faster than if you eat mostly meat, eggs, and dairy products. Vegetable proteins help you to cleanse the kidneys and liver and get your metabolism going.
  5. 5
    Eat green vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, etc. to detoxify your liver and keep your kidney healthy. These vegetables are ideal in the fight against your beer belly. Not only do they provide high fiber and micronutrients, they also help clean the organs that are most affected by your alcohol intake.
    The kidneys and liver work hard to process the alcohol in your body. So it’s important that you take good care of these organs, because you’re doing something good for your metabolism and can get rid of those extra pounds faster. If you regularly eat vegetables and drink less alcohol, then the pounds will tumble a lot faster.
  6. 6
    Give up on saturated fat and ready meals. Sugar, carbohydrates and greasy snacks are the enemies of your waist. Eating high-calorie, high-fat foods will make it hard to control your beer belly – even if you’re consuming fewer calories through beer. Give up the following foods:
    Chips and salt cracker
    Bacon, sausages and meatballs
    Muffins and baked goods
    Fried foods

Method. 3 Move

  1. 1
    Set the goal to play sports 5x per week for 40-45 minutes. If you want to get rid of your beer belly, not only is it important that you eat less calories, you should also burn calories through exercise. Simply put, you need to burn more calories than you eat if you want to get rid of the extra pounds. Start slowly and increase the intensity as soon as you have more stamina.
    Care for variety. Imagine a 15-20 minute stretching program, which you can do every day. Change every day between endurance training and strength training to bring some variety in your training program.
  2. 2
    Start at your own pace. You do not have to sign up for an expensive gym membership to say goodbye to your beer belly. If you’re motivated and really want to get rid of your beer belly, then there are other things you can do before tackling a more complicated fitness program. Consider the following things:
    To run. Invest in a pedometer so that every day you see how many steps you have taken. Set the goal to go daily about 10,000 steps – which is easier than you think. Instead of driving the few 100 meters in the car to a shop, you should walk from now on. Or walk outside to get something out of the house and bring some variety to the day. Go at a fast pace, a bit faster than you usually go. Try to go so fast that you sweat easily.
    Stretching and exercises. If you want to lose weight, then you do not necessarily have to work out with complicated equipment in the fitness center. You can also do simple exercises at home that keep you moving and for which you only have to use your own body weight: jump rope, pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc.
    Basketball games or other sports that you enjoy. It is motivating to be able to do sports together with friends. Bring some of your beer friends together to burn a few pounds together. Throw a few baskets in the park or play football for an hour a few times a week. If you enjoy your sports program, chances are you’ll stay on the ball.
  3. 3
    Strengthen your core muscles with exercises. If you want to get rid of your beer belly, then you should specifically train your abdominal and trunk muscles. Build up these muscle groups and take off at the same time, because that helps best against your beer belly.
    Exercise at home with sit-ups and forearm support. Start slowly with 3-4 sets, 30-50 sit-ups, and 5 times 30-second forearm support within half an hour. Then increase the speed to incorporate some endurance training. So you not only take off, but at the same time build up your muscles.
    Consider attending a yoga, pilates, or other hull-strengthening class at your local gym or studio. These courses are ideal for strengthening your muscles and losing weight while being coached by professionals.
    Some people think that it does not matter if they drink a lot of beer and eat lots of high-calorie foods as long as they exercise their muscles. Unfortunately, that is not the case. If you build up your abdominal muscles, then you strengthen your muscles, but the fat does not disappear by itself. At first, you can sometimes look even thicker, as the fat is still stuck and the muscles are getting bigger. If you want to lose the pounds, then you have to eat less calories too.
  4. 4
    Find a cardiovascular exercise that you enjoy doing. Not only strength training but also endurance training is important if you want to lose weight and improve your health. Many people (especially those who prefer a bar 1000x to a fitness center) do not like to do endurance training. But finding an endurance sport that you enjoy will help you stay on the right track.
    Try cycling. Bicycle lanes and bike shops are becoming more and more popular all over the world, biking is popular, healthy and cool. Invest in a good bike and meet some friends for a few laps after dinner. So you get your heart going and the pounds almost melt away by themselves.
    Go hiking in the great outdoors. A long, contemplative hike is perfect for anyone who can not handle sports. Discovering the world on your own feet while being in the great outdoors – that’s the best kind of sport for many people.
    Try swimming. Jumping in the water and splashing around – that’s what makes exercising fun! When swimming you burn many calories and the whole thing is hardly perceived as a workout. You do not even have to swim lengths: When you kick your feet, you burn up to 200 calories per hour in a relaxed way. [5]
  5. 5
    Take time to relax. Not only the alcohol is responsible for your beer belly. Cortisol, a hormone produced by your body during stress, can also cause weight gain and swimming rings.
    Make sure you get enough sleep. You should sleep for about 7-8 hours per night. It is important that you recover well at night, because only then can you enjoy your day stress-free.
    Many people treat themselves to a beer to relax. Try using herbal tea or even meditative exercises instead of drinking alcohol. You’ll be surprised how relaxing these alternatives can be.
  6. 6
    Include a beer in your exercise plan, if that suits you. Beer and sports? Does it fit? Clear! As long as you do not exceed your maximum calorie count, you can reward yourself with a beer after a good, exhausting workout session. It will taste all the better if you know it will not hit your hips. It’s best to bike a few miles to the next brewery. Treat yourself to a beer after a swim or go to the pub after playing a strenuous basketball match. Always be aware of how many calories alcoholic drinks contain and count the calories – because only then you will stay in shape.
  7. 7
    Get ready for a long road. It can take months for your beer belly to disappear. You should not lose more than 0.2-0.5 kilos per week. That means it will take a while for you to see the first results. It’s about staying on the ball, instead of losing weight in no time. Start taking fewer calories, doing some exercise and drinking less – and you’ll soon be able to say goodbye to your beer belly!


  • It is best, of course, if you drink no alcoholic drinks. However you distribute your calories, beer contains a lot of empty calories and barely supplies you with important nutrients. The best way to do it completely is to give up the drink. But that does not mean that you can not live a healthy, happy life with a few beers.


  • Always consult a doctor before starting a diet and saving calories. Ask him to set up a diet plan for you so that you can lose weight in a healthy way.

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