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Do a somersault backwards

Ever wanted to jump a somersault without hands? This article explains how to do it, but you should try it only with the help of it, otherwise you can seriously hurt yourself.



Part. 1 Preparation for a safe somersault backwards

  1. Stretch your muscles. Make bridges, as well as stretching of legs and ankles. When you’re done, you can warm yourself up with a few backward hand jumps. Once you get used to it, try to jump out of it. These exercises stretch and prepare you for the backward somersault from a standing position.
  2. Find a helper. A helper is someone, usually a trainer, coach, or experienced gymnast who will help you by holding you and giving you a good attitude while trying your first somersault. Not only does it help you jump higher in the air, it can also give you valuable advice if you do something wrong and keeps you from injury.
  3. Find a mat. Mats do not make accidental falling down dangerous. In addition, they motivate psychologically: if you are not afraid to fall (do not worry, you should not fall), you jump higher and have a better attitude.
    For beginners : fold a mat and stand on it for the first few somersaults. This will give you more room (you’ll be raised) for your somersault.
    For experienced gymnasts: jump to the back on a folded mat. Instead of having more room in the air to spin and land, you have less. This is a great technique if you are already quite good and want to improve your technique!


Part. 2 Perform the somersault

  1. Stand with perfectly straight body and arms outstretched. Imagine a string attached to each of your hands that pulls you upwards. This will help you stretch your arms completely and keep your body straight.
  2. Lower your arms, bend your knees, then swing your arms up again as you jump into the air. Before you jump the salto, swing the arms to jump upwards. This will give you the necessary momentum to really perform the somersault.
    Remember to jump up first, not back. Many beginners believe that because the somersault backwards is a roll backwards in the air, they have to jump backwards. The right technique, however, is to jump to the top. This will give you the height to put on your legs and then “move” backwards.
  3. Tighten your legs and jump into the air. Bring the legs when jumping almost to the chest. The momentum created by putting the legs on the chest makes it easier to jump backwards.
    Apply the legs to the chest first on the floor. Lie with your back on a mat, with your arms over your head, as in the starting position (have your arms grabbed by a helper, or put them under something heavy). Then, raise your legs as fast as you can to the chest and simulate the movement of the somersault. Tighten it quickly and stretch it out again, repeat it several times.
  4. When you are in the middle of the air, roll yourself into a small ball. You bent your knees, jumped off and then pulled your knees to your chest and leaned back. Try to make yourself “small” at the highest point of the jump.
  5. Land with your knees bent. Never land with your knees straight. That hurts a lot, and you risk stretching your knees. Try to land with bent knees so that they can absorb some of the force of the landing.
  6. Return your body to the starting position after landing. Balance quickly by stretching your bent knees and raising your arms back into the air. The final score should look almost identical to the starting position.
  7. Practice the whole thing by putting the pieces together. That’s the way to do a somersault backwards. Not too difficult right? Once you have practiced all the little basic components – jump, pull, land, stretch – you should develop a sense of how a somersault feels backwards as a fluid movement. Do not be afraid to work with a coach or helper; never try this for everyone when you do it for the first time. ,



  • Find a helper.
  • Do this in a sports hall.


  • Before you continue, you should always master a skill. When you start, you have to go through it.
  • Always train with a coach, especially if you are afraid.
  • Do not do this somersault alone, unless you are absolutely ready for it, as you can seriously hurt yourself! Even then, you should always practice in the presence of others.
  • Always remember what can happen in the worst case. If you hurt yourself and always have someone nearby to help you, nothing really can happen.

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