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Do a flick of flick

The Flick Flack is a gymnastics figure for advanced. You bend backwards into a bridge, shift the weight from your feet to your hands and push yourself up into a handstand. To complete the figure, leave your feet on the floor and extend your arms completely. Take a look at the first step. The back bend and the subsequent kick in the handstand are the main features of the Flick Flack.

Part. 1 preparation

  1. Perfect your handstand. The handstand is a basic figure that you have to master completely to perform a flick flack. If you are a bit rusty, practice the handstand until you can do it without help.
    Practice your good posture – shoulders and legs stay together.
    Be sure and hold your handstand for several seconds.
  2. Know how a bridge works. The bridge is essential for the Flick Flack. So, practice until you feel good about it. Just start. Lie down on a gym mat and bend your knees. Put your hands behind your ears, then push your body up and make a bow.
  3. Dominate the bridge. Start in an upright posture, tilt your back and bend it towards the floor until your hands are firmly behind you. This move is the first step – so be sure about it before you continue!
  4. Now you need someone to help. It is advisable to get someone to help you in the beginning anyway. Practice on something soft, eg on a mat or in the grass.
  5. Stretch out. Heat up your muscles by stretching your back, arms, wrists, and legs. The following exercises will help you:
    Make some light bridge figures, so you stretch your back.
    Stretch your arms straight forward and pull your fingers towards your body. So you stretch your wrists.
    Jog a lap or two and stretch your legs.

Part. 2 The bridge

  1. Start in an upright position. Legs stay together. Raise your arms as if pointing towards the sky. Your back and legs should be in a straight line with your arms.
  2. Bend back. If you are a beginner, put your feet apart a bit. Otherwise the feet stay together. Bend backwards until your hands are firmly on the ground and until you are in the bridge figure.
  3. Weigh yourself in the handstand. Once your hands are firmly positioned and form a bridge with the rest of your body, swing your legs up, into the handstand. This part needs a bit of practice. The goal is to get into the handstand fluently from the bridge. The legs should stay together and show up at the end.
  4. Keep your feet down on the floor in an angled position – this is the usual way to end a flick flack. Keep your arms and back straight, legs together, and bend your waist. Your legs should be straight and move together to the ground. Land with your feet firmly on the ground.
  5. Finally: arms over the head. The final character is the same as in the beginning. Your legs and back are straight, your arms are stretched over your head.


  • Practice and test how far you can go: bridge, bend out of the bridge into the swing, into the handstand and the final bend back out of the handstand.


  • If you have weak wrists, wear bandages so you do not get hurt.

Things you need

  • Elastic clothes
  • Ankle / wrist / knee bandages if you have problems.

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