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Age of Empires III PC Cheats and Walkthroughs

Microsoft capped off its Age of Empires live stream today with two surprise announcements. In addition to a brand-new installment in the beloved RTS series, the publisher revealed that “definitive” versions of Age of Empires and Age of Empires III are also on the way.

Like the upcoming Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, the acclaimed titles are also being remastered in order to modernize them. While Microsoft didn’t share any release date or gameplay details for either game, the titles will presumably receive the same kinds of changes and updates being made to the first Age of Empires.

In Age of Empires 3, you advance through different time periods, including the Discovery Age, Colonial Age, Fortress Age, Industrial Age and Imperial Age.age of empires cheats

Age Of Empires 3 Cheats and Codes

The following cheat codes can be used in Age of Empires 3, just hit enter and type in the code.

Fattens All Animals On Map
Cheat code: A recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese

Gives 10,000 Coin
Cheat code: Give me liberty or give me coin

Gives 10,000 Food
Cheat code: Medium Rare Please

Gives 10,000 Wood
Cheat code:

Gives 10,000 XP
Cheat code: Nova & Orion

Reveals Map (fog of war is still there)
Cheat code: X marks the spot

Spawns a big red monster truck that can run over anything.
Cheat code: tuck tuck tuck

Spawns the Mediocre Bombard at your Home City gather point.
Cheat code: Ya gotta make do with what ya got

Turn on “Musketeer’ed!” when you get killed by Musketeers.
Cheat code: Sooo Good

Cheat code: Speed always wins

Win Single Player.
Cheat code: this is too hard

File Edit Cheats

The following cheats involve editing a game file, which can potentially crash the game or make it unplayable if you mess up. Always make a backup of the original file before proceeding, if anything goes wrong you can simply replace the file with the backup.


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